Donville Innis Speaks on Protest and Recent Downgrades

While speaking at a seminar to stakeholders, Donville Innis is taking note of the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Small Business Development, Donville Innis, is paying close attention to both the Step Up If Yuh Fed Up March and the downgrades to Barbados.


Donville Innis. Picture from Barbados Today

The minister said the organized marches indicated that people were trying to send a message and that the government must take  note. He also said people who marched may not have been BLP supporters but were annoyed with the government.

Innis believes that government should admit any mistakes they make, and find solutions to them.

About the downgrades, Innis said that ‘The road ahead is not going to be and bed of roses” and as an optimist, he believes that they [ government ] would be able to get down the deficit. He also thinks that the country needs to have a conversation of how we could get a better rating